About Us

Supporting Comfort, Regal Care

August Healthcare has been putting the needs of facilities and its residents at the forefront for over a quarter of a century. We’re smaller than most management companies by design. In fact, that’s our decisive fine point – allowing us to give a more flexible, intimate and welcoming experience to those entrusted in our care.

If you can’t be home, August Healthcare is the place that feels most like home.

Care and Comfort
Our Focus
We’re committed to a higher level of excellence and are fastidious about medical and everyday care that centers on and enhances the wellbeing of our residents. 
Luxury and Dignity
Our Pride

We offer the splendor of beautiful surroundings that support, and inspirit our residents as we put heart into a warm culture that promotes their dignity.

We Are Here to Care For Your Loved One.

Comprehensive care is front and center at August Healthcare – the singular reason for all we do and all we are.